FjM International Solicitors & Lawyers

FjM International Solicitors & Lawyers is a legal world with its traditions and regulations. In addition to the high professional level of training and knowledge of the legal provisions and laws, a key factor in our business is the ability to generate ideas and to find an individual approach and solution exactly corresponding to the expectations of the customers for every task.


It is important for us to replenish and expand our background of general and private knowledge about reality on a constant base.
Individual approach
We strongly believe that all cases are unique and special, that is why we always carefully examine and analyse the essence of the issue before developing a concept of actions.
Trusting relationships
We always strive to establish long-term and trusting relationships with our clients because the inside situational awareness allows us to make quick and efficient decisions and to solve tasks in the best possible way.
Out of box thinking
Working on every issue we try to use lateral thinking by searching new approaches and creative solutions of the tasks. It helps us to build an effective chain of communication with our clients and to successfully develop for over 8 years.



Privacy policy

Professional ethics is one of the main components of our activity. We value our reputation and highly appreciate every client of the Company, therefore we strictly adhere to principles of confidentiality not limited to any time frame.



Our Team consists of high-qualified lawyers, attorneys and solicitors having focused specialisations and being experts in their field.


Fixed prices

We offer the best value and quality of our services.


Convenient location

The offices of FjM International Solicitors & Lawyers are conveniently located in the heart of Moscow and London so that the clients can easily reach us either by car or by public transport.

Our Practice Areas

  •  legal services for business activity;
  •  legal services during reorganization and restructuring of business and assets;
  •  corporate disputes settlement;
  • due diligence of corporate management structures, development of effective holding and management models;
  • protection of shareholders’ rights.
  •  full and partial support of business purchase and sale;
  •  development of transaction structure, including financial structure;
  •  due diligence of assets;
  •  preparation and support of M&A transactions;
  •  incorporation of joint ventures.
  • preparation and analysis of commercial contracts, negotiating and closing transactions;
  • identification and analysis of commercial risks within the newly created or already existing contractual relationships;
  • due diligence of contract database;
  • structuring of the contractual relationships.
  •  choice of strategy for patent protection of companies;
  •  identification and analysis of intellectual property objects (inventions/utility models/trademarks/computer software/industrial designs);
  •  patent research including GOST;
  •  preparation and filing of patent applications for inventions, utility models, industrial designs and trademarks;
  •  registration of computer programs, databases and integrated circuit topography;
  •  consulting on introduction of software products in the Register of Domestic Software of Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation;
  •  preparation and registration of contracts of exclusive right disposal;
  •  international patenting (Patent Cooperation Treaty, Eurasian Patent, Madrid Trademark Registration System);
  •  preparation of bylaws (regulations, instructions, copyright agreements);
  •  protection of know-how and introduction of nondisclosure regime in the company;
  •  due diligence of intellectual property;
  •  registration of trademarks in Customs Register of Intellectual Property Objects;
  •  preparation of reports on infringement of rights to inventions and trademarks;
  • administrative challenge of rights (Patent Dispute Resolution Chamber of Rospatent, Federal Antimonopoly Service);
  • registration of copyright items (literary, artistic, musical and other works).
  • consulting on issues concerning the application of criminal procedure legislation;
  • assessment and minimization of risks;
  • examination and control of actions of law enforcement agencies;
  • challenging of actions or inactions of law enforcement agencies;
  • representation of interests in law enforcement agencies and courts of general jurisdiction;
  • appeal against court decisions, filing of appeals in higher instances.
  • litigation support and dispute resolution in various fields of law including corporate law, criminal law, intellectual property law.
  • preparation of legal documents related to pre-trial or trial dispute settlement;
  • preparation of claim letters to infringers;
  • representation of interests in national and international courts;
  • representation of interests in the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation and the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation.
  • acquisition/sale and possession of movable and immovable property;
  • structuring of asset ownership;
  • Family law (marriage contracts, property division, guardianship);
  • Inheritance law;
  • issues of criminal liability, procedural issues;
  • representation of interests in courts of general jurisdiction.